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The big challenge...

When do you exactly know that you are actually ready to take those intense law entrance examinations?

Answer: Be “Avocat ready”.

Being “Avocat ready” means that you have had access to intense lectures by the best faculty, innovative teaching style, insightful & exhaustive study material covering maximum possible ground; that you have taken 3 – 4 stringent mock tests customized per every significant law entrance examination like CLAT, AILET, SET, CET, LSAT, etc., taking it to around 30 straight forward and tough mock tests.


What makes our teaching methodology unique is that every lecture is planned and documented so that not only the content delivered makes a point across, but also it produces excellent classroom discussions.

Basically, to make you “Avocat ready” is to raise the level of preparation of each student as is required to crack all India law entrance examinations by making concepts easy to understand, thereby building a strong base. 


Tough challenges made easy..!

Avocat functions in a transparent manner which means that parents stay involved in the process of grooming of their wards. Parents stay with us within the loop of their wards’ performance in the class or in a test and/or when a student misses a class.


Our teaching methods are so designed so as to enable our faculty stay consistent and perfect. Every student is exposed to weekly tests, Mock tests after classes are over along with stringent G.K. group discussion sessions.


Lecture Handouts for legal aptitude have proved to be unique and academically revolutionary. On one hand these handouts well explain the concept of a law subject by giving the base followed by hypotheticals for students to solve real time, and make students fill in blanks with important numbers, dates & names which they must commit to memory, giving Avocats a complete edge over the others.



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